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County Splits Decision on Setback Variance for Hoop House in German Township

Hoop houseJoseph Borkholder appeared before the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday evening seeking a variance to reduce the side-yard setback standard from 15 feet to 8 feet to allow for the installation of two hoop-houses at 534 Plymouth Goshen Trail in German Township.

Marshall County Plan Director Ty Adley said the issue was self imposed and recommended denial.  His report to the BZA showed that Borkholder has 35 acres so his suggestion was to locate one of the two hoop houses on the other side of the existing hoop house.

Borkholder told the BZA he has a paddock on the other side of the existing hoop house so having to change his plan would cause him to have to move his livestock further across the farm without the security of a fenced in area.

BZA member Jeff Gustafson explained that a special use is issued when you have no other way to address an issue.

When asked if Borkholder had talked to his adjoining neighbor who would me directly affected by the hoop house, he said, “yes, he’s my uncle.  He said it’s your property, do what you want with it.”

The motion was made to approve variance and the vote was 3 in favor: Matt Miller, Mark Wickizer and James Burger.   Trent Bennett and Jeff Gustafson voted against the variance.