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Miller’s Merry Manor, Plymouth Geriatric Aide Program

January 31, 2019

Miller'sMerryManor_Gereitac PinThe Geriatric Aide Program, offered by Miller’s Merry Manor, is a program to help employees continue to improve the quality of care that they give and provide opportunities for staff growth.  Staff must apply to participate in the 10 week program which provides them with a more in-depth look at each department that provides care to our residents.  Each week there is homework, followed by a test, with a final exam at the end.  The final step is a recognition ceremony where each participant receives a certificate of completion along with a GA Pin.

The GA Pin was designed by Connie Miller (co-foundress of Miller’s Merry Manor in 1964).  The pin is divided into 3 sections, each having a symbol.  The circle around the outside symbolizes a constant line of communication that is never ending.

Praying Hands ask for God’s help and guidance with caring for our patients.

The Wheelchair symbolizes (specifically in the 1960’s) the older generation or any frail individual that we are here to care for them.

The Cross with a Heart symbolizes God’s help given to the founders to start Miller’s Merry Manor and the founders’ faith to keep on going generation after generation.

Congratulations to Lisa Schott, Amy Roose, Nanette Simms, Catherine Rigney and Jared Luz on your completion of the GA Program!

Just over a decade ago, Miller’s Health Systems transitioned to a 100% employee owned company with a workforce of well over 3000 throughout the state of Indiana.  Miller’s is known for achievements in quality, with emphasis on education and technology and is one of the largest 100% employee owned health care providers in the nation.

Pictured:  Front – GA Graduates – Amy Roose, Jared Luz, Nanette Simms, Lisa Schott and Catherine Rigney

Back – Bryan Zehr, Administrator; Connie Bennett, RN, Inservice Director; Heather Birk, RN, Director of Nursing