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Plymouth Plan Commission Approves Re-plat at 824 West Monroe

April 3, 2019

824 Monroe Street_1The request of Shawn McLochlin of Plymouth to split the large lot at 824 West Monroe Street in Plymouth had a bit of trouble getting approved through the Plymouth Plan Commission.

Tuesday evening City Planning Consultant Ralph Booker presented the case where McLochlin would like to separate the home from the garage so he can sell the house but keep the garage by seeking a replat of lots 70 and 71 creating two separate lots that meet the city standards.

Board President Doug Feece said, “You can’t buy a lot and put a garage on it without having a residential structure.  Why would we separate the house and the garage to create two lots?”

824 Monroe Street_2New board member John Yaden said he was concerned with someone trying to use the garage as a residential structure. He said, “We have trouble with enforcement, so how will we know if someone turns the garage into a residence?”

The motion was made to approve the re-plat with the stipulations there be no outside storage on the lot with the garage, no living in the garage and the garage must be maintained in as a safe and secure building.”

With four members absent from the 11 member board the first vote was 5 in favor and 2: Feece and Yaden against.  That vote died because a majority of the full board would be 6 and those in favor were only 5.

824 Monroe Street_3There was additional discussion on the separate garage lot and it was noted that there is enough room to build a small home on the lot.  It was also noted that anyone wanting to change the garage to a residence would have to meet all the building standards prior to receiving a permit of occupancy.

After that discussion Yaden changed his vote to a yes vote and the request for a re-plat was approved by a 6 to 1 vote.