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Commissioner Motion to Replace 3 HVAC Units on Jail at cost of $204,680

July 1, 2019

Marshall_County_JailJohn Greer, maintenance director for the Marshall County Jail presented four quotes for replacement of the two – 25 ton and one – 20 ton heating and cooling units that sit on the roof of the facility.  These three units control the HVAC in the eight pods and trustees room in the jail.   The current units are 12 years old and the maintenance department has experienced issues with the other units in the facility over the past couple of years.

There is a fear that if one of the units would go down, the inmates in that pod would have to be relocated to other detention facilities at an additional cost to the county.  That cost would be substantial because it could take two to four months to get the new units and them be returned to the county jail.

Quotes presented were for Aaon brand units from:

Bowman’s Tin Shop for $217,410 with no control hook-up;

Edward J. White Inc. for $215,962 with control hook-up;

Dynamic Mechanical Service for $209,731 with hook-up and

OJS Building Services, Inc for $204,680 with hook-up.

The contractors all said the new units will be more energy efficient than the older models.

The commissioner motioned to accept the low bid from OJS Building Services.  They will replace all three units but it won’t be until this fall.  Greer said it’s currently taking 17 to 19 weeks build time for the Aaon units.

There was a question on funding the project.  The commissioners planned to us the Special Jail CAGIT now called the LIT (local income tax) but the County Attorney said a new law that went into effect says only 20% of the LIT can be used for operational costs.  While the county’s CAGIT was created especially for the jail project, it was unclear if the new law would have an effect on Marshall County’s special jail tax. The commissioner’s concern is that in 2018 they used 43% for operational costs.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said purchasing the new HVAC units would not be considered operational costs.

As for the new law, the county will research it law further and see if it would affect their special jail income tax.