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Honest Abe Visits Miller’s

July 15, 2019

Miller's_Abraham Lincoln Bible July 2019Danny Russel of Indianapolis educated the residents and guests of Miller’s Assisted Living in his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.  Russel dressed in authentic, period costume as he took his audience on an adventure of Lincoln’s life from his boyhood in Indiana all the way to the White House and his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Miller's_Abraham Lincoln and Howard July 2019Lincoln’s sense of humor was demonstrated as Russel told of pranks he pulled on his family as a child.  And just as quickly he shared Lincoln’s heart felt grief as he told about the death of his mother, sister, and sons.  It was also apparent how disturbed Lincoln was by the act of slavery in the United States.

Miller's_Abraham Lincoln and Kathy and Sue Kuly 2019Russel travels throughout the United States portraying famous Hoosiers Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone and James Whitcomb Riley.  Find out more about Danny Russel on his website

Photo 1.  Guests Kathy and Sue stand next to Abraham Lincoln as portrayed by Danny Russel. 

Photo 2.  Howard Hollenbaugh looks up to Abraham Lincoln.

Photo 3.  Abraham Lincoln as portrayed by Danny Russel with his beloved Bible from which he learned to read at his mother’s side.

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