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City Takes No Action on County’s Request for Joint Project to Extend Veterans Parkway

NewsLast week Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and Phil Beer from USI appeared before the Plymouth Common Council to discuss the possibility of a joint project to extend Veterans Parkway from North Michigan Road to the west to Pioneer Drive.

Overmyer told the council there is a call for federal projects for 2025 with an application due date of December 13th.  He said changes are coming to U.S. 30 and extending this road may help local residents travel to local businesses.  He said, “Instead of a frontage road, this will be a back road to get around.”

Some of those changes we already know.  INDOT has already announced they are taking out the stop lights at King and Queen Roads and will create J-Turns.  Beer said an interchange is being planned for the intersection of U.S. 30 and Pioneer Drive, plans are to put an overpass at the Railroad on U.S. 30 and a change is also planned at Oak Drive.  INDOT is looking at an interchange at this intersection would be very costly.

Overmyer said, “This project may be an alternative to their plan.”

He noted that it’s an expensive project at approximately $15 million.   The project is an 80/20 split so the local match has been estimated to be $1.9 million for the county and $1.6 million for the city.

Councilman Don Ecker asked if the county of USI had talked to any of the businesses and they explained the U.S. 30 projects are INDOT projects and not the county’s.

Mayor Senter asked if the project could be phased in doing the section from North Michigan Road to Oak Drive first and then from Oak Drive to Pioneer in another project.

Following presentation Mayor Senter asked for no further discussion so Overmyer and Beer left the meeting.

Before the City Council meeting ended Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver told the council her understanding was that MACOG and the county were looking for approval from the city to keep moving forward with the parkway extension.   She said, “They didn’t ask tonight, but my question is, if you are moving forward with it, where is the funding coming from?”

Mayor Senter asked for a motion to table the subject for more information and the city council approved.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said, “If there is a general coconscious that the council is supportive of this and you’ve got some time to investigate it, we can communicate that with the county so that they can keep moving along with their preparations of the application that they said is due on the 13th.”  He said there would be time to consider it at their next meeting on December 9th.