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Council Discusses Financial Agreements with Council on Aging

January 31, 2019

Plymouth Color Logo2014The Plymouth Common Council tabled the continuing discussion on funding provided to the Marshall County Council on Aging Monday evening.

After approving the 2019 budget, Mayor Mark Senter noted that his request to increase the city’s funding for transportation was not included in this year’s budget.   It remained the same amount, $8,000 and the Mayor had wanted it increased it to $10,000.

Plymouth Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver told the council they city pays an additional amount.  She was able to verify that they pay $5,000 to assist with expenses at the Council on Aging building which is city owned.

The discussion began on Monday to create one comprehensive agreement instead of two separate contracts.

Councilman Jeff Houin had some concern since federal grants are used for the transportation services.  He was fearful that one agreement might make it look like the city is paying more for transportation then they really are.

It was decided to table any action and seek some answers to their questions from Jackie Wright at the Council on Aging before a change in the agreement was made.