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County Council Approves Additional Appropriation for 3 New Employees at Jail

August 13, 2019

County news # 2Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel requested an additional appropriation that would allow him to hire additional staff to help with the overcrowding issue at the jail.

The sheriff said they hit another all-time-high with 296 inmates in the jail this weekend while the recommended capacity is 239.   Sheriff Hassel said, “With our population now as high as it is, my staff is overwhelmed.  If I could get three additional employees, that would allow me one additional person per day shift and per evening shift seven days a week.”

Sheriff Hassel told the County Council he received $259,613 in July from the state as payment for housing DOC inmates in the jail over the past three years.  His thought was that money would cover the additional he was requesting for a year.

It was noted that the largest number of inmates in the jail are there for pre-trial and many can’t afford their cash bonds because they are being charged for drug trafficking.

County Council member unanimously responded with support of the request approving more than $100,000 to cover the additional cost for three new employees include their benefit packages.

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