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County Council Considers Requests

County News # 1Last week the Marshall County Council approved the request of an additional appropriation by Deb Palmer, Director of Marshall County Soil & Water.  Palmer told the council she will be leaving November 1st to accept a new position and would like to hire an interim director for training prior to her leaving. The additional she was granted was for $3,059.  Palmer said the position has been advertised and they have lots of revenues the board will be reviewing.

The Council also approved the request of Sheriff Matt Hassel for a probation waiver of pay for an employee.  Hassel told the council a merit deputy who had been on the job for 2 years left for 8 weeks for another job but has returned.  He was granted the pay waiver for the employee.

Another request came from Christine Stinson from the County Health Department. Stinson wanted to apply for an Asthma Grant from the Indiana Department of Health.  She explained the grant will allow the health department to purchase equipment that can help them assist families who have someone with chronic asthma determine what in the home might be triggering the attacks. The reimbursable grant is in the amount of $2,200.

Commissioner Stan Klotz also had a request from the County Council for additional funds for the County Highway Department.  He asked for $600,000 to continue with the road program.  Klotz said there are a couple more projects that Jason (Peters) would like to complete while the weather is still cooperating.

Council members weren’t in favor of granting an additional at this time with jack Roose saying, “I’m not inclined to grant the additional.”

Councilwoman Penny Lukenbill said it’s not a lack of support but concerns with revenues.  She reminded Klotz that the county won’t receive another distribution of property tax revenues until December and while there is about $13 million in the rainy day fund and general fund, money has been promised for the Community Crossing grant match, the clock tower, and Stellar.

Councilwoman Judy Stone reminded Klotz that they have pledged their support for a fourth courtroom and the additional expenses that will come with it along with a pod addition onto the jail and the additional employees that will be needed to operate the larger facility.   She said, “There are too many unknowns at this time and we have a delicate balancing act to do.”

The County Council took no action on Commissioner Klotz’s request.