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City Council Approves Clerk/Treasurer’s Request to Fill Full-Time Position

October 14, 2020

City News PlymouthPlymouth Clerk/Treasurer Jeanine Xaver was granted permission by the City Council to fill the vacant payroll position instead of hiring a temporary employee that she was approved for at the last city meeting.

Xaver, who was not there in person but zoomed into the meeting said one of her employees moved to the park department and another on just moved upstairs to the legal department to serve the city as a full-time HR person.

At the last meeting in September Xaver was granted approval to replace one full-time position and hire a temporary person for an employee on FMLA.  Monday night she said she would like to hire a full-time payroll clerk and try and get along until the employee on FMLA returns.

City council members had some questions with Jeff Houin saying she could hire a temporary position and then, if that employee works out move them to the open full-time position.  Councilman Greg Compton said someone looking for a full-time position might not be willing to take the risk of a temporary position that could turn into a full-time job.  Councilman Don Ecker wanted to move forward with the temporary position allowing the clerk to work with a new employee before hiring full-time.

Houin said the position was budgeted as a full-time position.  Houin motioned to approve the request for a full-time position and it was seconded by Greg Compton.  Ecker was the lone dissenting vote.