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Bourbon Town Council Voted To Change The Ordinance for Rental Fees

Matchette Senior Center Bourbon The Bourbon Town Council voted 3-0 Tuesday evening to change the ordinance for rental fees for the Matchette Center and the Park. It was noted that they would now be under one ordinance. Rental fees for the Matchette Center were discussed and where fees would be paid. That matter was tabled until the February meeting. A discussion of fees in general and the possibility of raising fees will continue as the council receives more information and opinions.

Council President Ward Byers had indicated that they would be looking at perhaps raising fees next year, but Dena Wattenbarger, who oversee the Center, said she had given the council her recommendations. She further asked about special pricing for community events and was told that those questioning fees or seeking a fee reduction consideration would need to come before the council for approval. Any new fees would have to be published before they could be changed.

The council broached the subject of having all fees paid at the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office from both the Center and the park in the future. No vote was taken on the matter, but will be considered at the February meeting.

The council approved securing bonds for the Clerk/Treasurer, Deputy Clerk Treasurer, and the Chief of Police. Previously the Matchette Center Director was bonded; however, the council did not include that bond in the vote.

Carol Anders Correspondent