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Chance to serve motivates Krupp’s run for Attorney General

20200113_150551PLYMOUTH – Plymouth native Adam Krupp currently the head of the Indiana Department of Revenue came to Plymouth Monday to announce his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination for Attorney General.

“The last three years have been incredible,” said Krupp. “It’s been a very special and emotional time for me at the Department of Revenue and it’s not easy to walk away. This is a chance as a public servant to play a bigger role. This is about all 92 counties and having an impact on all Hoosier’s lives and protecting them on a daily basis as their chief legal officer.”
Krupp has a long resume in the legal profession. He started his law career at a New York law firm and returned to Indiana a year later to be a clerk at the Indiana Court of Appeals.
“I really got a first-hand look at the legal process here in the state of Indiana,” he said of that year as a clerk.
He then returned to New York to another firm where he was able to work in nearly every aspect of the law including what at that time was the largest anti-trust investigation in the history of the United States Department of Justice Anti-Trust Division that involved a global price-fixing conspiracy in the automotive industry.
“I was fortunate to be able to work in a significant role in that litigation,” he said. “When you are working alongside some of the best attorneys in the world you are also working against some of the best attorneys in the world, working those cases that in many occasions were worth billions of dollars, taking that experience to bring home to Indiana is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.”
Krupp also was hired as the lead counsel for the state of Indiana in two cases while in the private sector.
In 2010 he headed up the legal team for the Division of Family Resources and Family and Social Services Administration in a large breach of contract litigation with IBM after a failed modernization attempt by the agency.
“Here we are ten years later but we’ve finally got to the point we knew we would with the state of Indiana about to receive a check for $75 million,” he said. “That’s taxpayer money that you have to protect.”
In 2015 Krupp returned to Indiana to take on a class-action lawsuit filed against the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
“The BMV was just in a bad place, overcharges, undercharges, the motor vehicle code was confusing and contradictory in places,” he said. “We knew after doing due diligence that Hoosiers were owed about $60 million. We were able to win on eight other legal issues that were part of that case. But we got that $60 million back into the hands of Hoosiers because that was what they were owed and on the way, we rewrote the motor vehicle code to clean up the administrative operation of the agency.”
The reason for Krupp leaving a job he loves for another opportunity is simple.
“I want to do more,” said Krupp. “I love Indiana as a state, I love our people. The transformational change that has successfully followed the past couple of jobs that I’ve had, I want to take that to another level.”
“I want to bring integrity to the job,” he said. “I want to lead with integrity. I want to be a consensus builder, and use the experience that I’ve built in both the public and private sector and the four other stops I’ve had in government, and package that to do something really special.”

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