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Election night results

June 3, 2020

Election Results fall 2019Special thanks to our news partners at The Pilot News and Assistant Editor James Master


MARSHALL COUNTY — With only three provisional ballots uncounted, all vote
centers and absentee ballots have been reported. A total of 6,242 ballots were
cast on Tuesday with 2,611 ballots being absentee ballots. Of all the primary
races, two were hotly contested.
The Four for Three Campaign of Jesse Bohannon, Bill Githens, Tim Harman, and
William Patterson won two out of three seats, defeating incumbents Jon
VanVactor and Penny Lukenbill. Here were the results, only the top three go on to
the general election in November:
• Tim Harman with 2,402 votes.
• Jesse Bohannon with 2,123 votes
• Jim Masterson with 1,942 votes
• Penny Lukenbill with 1,844 votes
• Jon VanVactor with 1,495 votes
• Bill Githens with 1,425 votes
• William Patterson with 1,160 votes
The Republican race for Judge of the Circuit Court was won by incumbent Curtis
D. Palmer. Palmer received 2,138 votes to Janette Surrisi’s 2,048 votes.
• Dean A. Colvin won the Judge of the Superior Court 2 with 3,769 votes.
• Angie Johnson Birchmeier received 3,842 for County Treasurer.
• County Coroner was won by John R. Grolich with 3,891 votes.
• Craig D. Cultice received 3,796 votes for County Surveyor.
• County Commissioner District 2 was won by Mike Burroughs with 3,788 votes.
• Kevin Overmyer won the County Commissioner District 3 seat with 3,643 votes.
Here are the remaining results:
President of the U.S.
• Donald J. Trump with 3,866 votes
• Bill Weld with 350 votes
• Joseph R. Biden with 1,416 votes
• Michael R. Bloomberg with 9 votes
• Pete Buttigieg with 142 votes
• Tulsi Gabbard with 4 votes
• Amy Klobuchar with 10 votes
• Bernie Sanders with 189 votes
• Tom Steyer with 6 votes
• Elizabeth Warren with 32 votes
• Andrew Yang with 15 votes
• Woodrow (Woody) Myers with 1,440 votes

• Eric Holcomb with 4,096 votes
U.S. Representative District 2
• Christopher Glenn Davis with 923 votes
• Jackie Walorski with 3,329 votes
• Patricia (Pat) Hackett with 1,276 votes
• Ellen Marks with 403 votes
State Senator District 9
• Brandon M. Cavanaugh with 1,012 votes
• Ryan Mishler with 2,661 votes
State Senator District 18
• Stacey A. Donato with 1,105 votes
• Laura Fred-Smith with 496 votes
State Rep District 17
• Bianka M. Tinklenberg with 1,488 votes
• Jack Jordan with 3,862 votes
In the delegates race, all nine Democrats that ran won as there were 12 seats
available: Don Fox, Tracy Fox, Stephen W. Johnson, Edgar Quiroz, Angie
Rupchock-Schafer, Leon Smith, Adam Thada, Bianka M. Tinklenberg, Dalton
There were 15 Republican that ran for 14 spots. Here are the results in that
• Russell Ed Allyn with 2,730 votes
• Jesse Bohannon with 3,099 votes
• Nelson Chipman with 3,184 votes
• Adam Faulstich with 3,197 votes
• Jack L. Garner with 3,092 votes
• David R. Holmes with 3,077 votes
• Kevin Kiefer with 2,938 votes
• Richard J. Lokun II with 2,615 votes
• Kenneth H. Lukenbill with 3,336 votes
• Kevin Overmyer with 3,249 votes
• Matt E. Sarber with 3,163 votes
• Sam Schlosser with 3,180 votes
• Sean Martin Surrisi with 2,918 votes
• Daniel L. Tyree with 2,485 votes
• Deborah VanDeMark with 2,943 votes

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