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Jana’s Gymnastics Competes at Walk of Fame Gymnastics Meet in Fort Wayne

Jana’s Gymnastics competitive teams competed in Fort Wayne this weekend at the Walk of Fame Gymnastics Classic. Jana’s Bronze Team earned a 2nd place finish against some of the toughest teams in the state. Jana’s Silver team earned a 4th place. Jana’s Gold and Platinum teams received 9th and 3rd Place.
Every Single Bronze and Silver team members had NO-FALL Beam routines. Bronze team members with NO-FALL Beam routines include Ayva R, Aislynn R, Kylee W, Madelyn M, Ella M, Riplee S, Lexi M, Birkley C, Hailey G, Lydia K, Ella R, Amyra B, Sydney M. Silver Team Members with NO-FALL Beam Routines include Izzy R, Gabriella P, Callie R, Jenna B, Lila H, Damaris A, Emaline V, Mia K, Daniela M, Nora G, Emma Z, Eleanor B. Gold Team Members with NO-FALL Beam Routines are Anya K, Alexa F, Madison W. Platinum Team member Jersey H had a NO-FALL Beam Routine.
Season High Scores were earned by the following gymnasts:
Izzy Rettinger – Vault and Floor
Gabi Polando – Vault
Susie Everett – Vault, Floor and All-Around
Alexa Finke – Vault
Madison Ward – Vault and Beam
Dasyre Suggs – Vault, Beam, Floor and All-Around
Jaelyn McGrath – Vault and Floor
Jersey Hunter – Vault, Bars and All-Around
Ayva Rodriguez – Bars and Floor
Aislynn Riffle – Bars and Beam
Madelyn Maclain – Bars, Floor and All-Around
Ella Muffley – Bars and Floor
Lexi Maza – Bars and Floor
Hailey Godoy – Bars
Lydia Kershner – Bars and Beam
Ella Ramsey – Bars, Floor and All-Around
Amyra Benchaar – Bars and Floor
Callie Rodriguez – Bars
Eleanor Brashere – Bars and Floor
Anya Kelman – Bars, Beam, Floor and All-Around
Damaris Aguilar – Beam, Floor and All-Around
Mia Krathwohl – Beam
Riplee Snyder – Floor
Birkley Cooper – Floor
Sydney Manuwal – Floor
Jenna Blake – Floor and All-Around
Daniela Moreno – Floor
Nora Guseilla – Floor and All-Around
Jana's_FortWayne_Bronze 2nd Place TeamBronze – 2nd Place Team
Pictured are: Front Row: Aislynn Riffle, Kylee Waldrop, Ella Ramsey, Ayva Rodriguez, Hailey Godoy.  Back Row: Lydia Kershner, Sydney Manuwal, Riplee Snyder, Birkley Cooper, Lexi Maza, Madelyn Maclain, Ella Muffley and Amyra Benchaar.
Jana's_FOrtWayne_Silver 4th Place Team
Silver – 4th Place Team
Pictured are: Front Row: Callie Rodriguez, Damaris Aguilar, Lila Hanyzewski, Izzy Rettinger, Jenna Blake, Emma Zimpleman. Back Row: Emaline Van Duyne, Daniela Moreno, Nora Guseilla, Gabriella Polando, Eleanor Brashere, Mia Krathwohl.
Jana's_FortWayne_Gold 9th Place Team
Gold – 9th Place Team
Pictured are: Susie Everett, Madison Ward, Alexa Finke, Anya Kelman, Mackenzie Redding.
Jana's_FortWayne_Platinim and Diamond
Patinum(3rd Place) and Diamond
Pictured are: Camryn Haskins, Jersey Hunter, Jaelyn McGrath, Dasyre Suggs

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